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Individual Counseling - Adults

Our first session together, we will discuss the issues you are currently facing and how they are affecting you.  During our time together we will evaluate the past but not dwell on it.  We will develop coping strategies and interventions to improve your quality of life.

Individual Counseling - Teens
This time in life is full of stress and confusion.  Your counselor offers a chance to work through turmoil objectively and without judgment.  If you are feeling anxiety or depression based on events facing Parkland and Coral Springs now, we can discuss EMDR - a processing method that may help you.

Couples Counseling
The vast majority of problems faced by couples are unsolvable - successful couples learn to understand this and work together, around them.  You have come to here, because you want to make it work.  I enter this relationship as an impartial guide to help you enjoy each other again.

Career Counseling

Are you struggling with what to do next? There are several stages to a career search - personal exploration, career research, self-marketing, interview skills and closing the deal (getting the job).  Let's figure our where you are at in the process and help you with those steps!

Substance Abuse Counseling

You may be turning to counseling for the first time or you may have completed treatment in a center and want to continue your journey.  I'd like to help you have a fulfilling, happy life without using drugs or alcohol as your crutch.